Founder of Eyuboglu Educational Institutions

“Eyuboglu Educational Institutions, which we founded with the awareness of the enormous responsibility to educate, in the best way possible, the young people who have been entrusted to our understanding of education, have now left behind 48 years of academic endeavors. Our graduates who are still continuing their education in various parts of the world and those who have completed their education and have gone on to start careers in various positions without ever compromising on the principle of serving humanity as their top priority, are a source of pride and hope for us. Cherishing Ataturk’s principles, these creative and self-confident young people, endowed with up-to-date knowledge and able to think and act appropriately, deem it an honor to work for the future of their people and country and as such, they have become role models for all Eyuboglu students.

Despite all the difficulties in the art of education which is based on working with the most difficult of raw materials, i.e. the humans, Eyuboglu Educational Institutions are committed to raising young people to serve humanity as innovative, modern and successful individuals who cherish Ataturk’s principles.”

Dr. Rustem Eyuboglu
Founder, Eyuboglu Schools

Dr. Rustem Eyuboğlu

Dr. Rustem Eyuboglu was born in Cayeli district of Rize in 1940. After finishing the local elementary school, he completed junior high within one year and went on to Vefa High School from which he graduated in 1961. In 1968 Dr. Eyuboglu qualified as an electrical engineer at Istanbul Technical University. He worked at Turkiye Elektrik Kurumu (Turkey’s National Electricity Institution) until March 1969.

During his military service, Dr. Eyuboglu worked as the Principal of the power plant at Taskizak Shipyard. Between 1970 and 1973 he worked as the electrical supervisor at Istinye shipyard. In 1974 Dr. Eyuboglu started his academic work at Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul and consequently earned a Ph.D. degree in 1976. After working as a lecturer until 1985, he left his position at Yildiz Technical University to found the Eyuboglu Educational Institutions. Eyuboglu High School, which was opened in 1985 was soon followed by Eyuboglu Kadiköy Primary School in 1988, Eyuboglu Science High School in 1993 and finally Eyuboglu Camlica Primary School in 1998.

Besides his work at Eyuboglu Schools, Dr. Eyuboglu is the principal of Eyuboglu Education, Culture and Social Services Foundation and of the Eyuboglu Education and Scientific Research Foundation. He is a former President and a founding member of Vefa Foundation. Dr. Rustem Eyuboglu is also a member of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, of TÜSIAD, of The Turkish Coronary Foundation, of The Association of Electrical Engineers and of the Rize Foundation, as well as being a founding member of the Cayeli Foundation. He has served as the General Director of Eyuboglu Institutions until 1999 when he became the President of Istanbul Private Schools Association. From then on he has handed over his duties as the General Director of Eyuboglu Institutions to his wife and assistant general director, Burçak Eyuboglu. Burçak Eyuboglu who is also an electrical engineer worked as a lecturer at Yildiz University between 1975 and 1988. From 1988 on she has continued her educational endeavours at Eyuboglu Institutions. Dr. Rustem Eyuboglu and Mrs. Burcak Eyuboglu, the current General Director, have two sons.

Dr. Rüstem Eyüboğlu